Knjiga utisaka         
Knez Miloš Obrenović je izuzetno značajna istorijska ličnost za razvoj Kragujevca.
Na skupštini narodnih starešina u manastiru Vraćevšnica, maja 1818. godine, a na
predlog kneza Miloša Obrenovića, Kragujevac je izabran za prestonicu Srbije.

Tourist info center – TIC


Tourist info center – TIC was opened in 1985, and it has been working as a part of the City tourist organization “Kragujevac” since 2006. The main activities of TIC are, among others, forming the base of tourist information, following the tourist flow in the city, providing information about accommodation capacities, current events in the city, restaurants and their offer etc. In the pleasant atmosphere of TIC, tourists can find a variety of souvenirs, monographs and guides through the city and Serbia, maps, postcards etc. There’s also a rich art gallery that exhibits work of numerous artists form Kragujevac and other contemporary Serbian painters.
Address: Dr Zorana Đinđića No 11
Telephone: +381 34 33 53 02
Fax: +381 34 30 13 06

Guide service
The Tourist organization “Kragujevac” and the Tourist info center can provide guide services. There are licensed tour guides that provide quality information during the sightseeing in the city and its vicinity. Besides that, there is a special touristic offer – free of charge sightseeing and guided visits to the museums and monasteries. This is included in the free Saturday tours called “Kragujevac through the streets and museums” which are organized during spring and autumn. The goal of these tours is promoting the cultural, historical and architectural heritage of Kragujevac.

The greeters of Kragujevac are volunteers and people who love their city. They are prepared to show Kragujevac from their point of view, for free and at any time and to evoke in guests the city spirit in their own way; to show them the streets of the city, the squares, its architecture, markets, bars and restaurants, cafes etc. Thanks to the greeters, the tourists can meet some new friends and get to know Kragujevac in less formal way; they can discover the hidden beauties and treasures of our city, learn more about its rich history and culture and also become a part of the city’s everyday life. Kragujevac was accepted into the Global greeters’ network in 2012, and so it became the third city in Serbia and 30th in the world to be a part of this volunteer association. The team consists of 15 greeters of different age and interests.